Tuesday, 13 March 2018

clash of clan basses for th6

Clash of clan basses for town hall 6

Hi friends! Now we are talking about top 10 town hall 6 bases .Many people waste there time in searching base but here you get good and trophy pushing bases .
See all the basses till 10 to 1.These are very strong base for town hall 6.I am also used them to push my trophy at town hall 6 . These bases counted from better to best.
                                                        ....NOW LET'S GET STARTED...........

No.10 =

 I kept this base at no.10 because it has it's air sweeper and clan castle outside but this base is good to increase trophy.It's air defence is inside it is a great advantage for you.

No.9 =

I kept this base at no.9 because it also have it's clan castle at the corner of base but it has many traps at the right place and this a good advantage to you.It also have another advantage that it's air defence are kept inside.

No.8 =

I kept this base at no.8 because it has also it's clan castle outside the base but it has air sweeper inside. The constructing object is air sweeper and it has it's air defence at very good place.

No.7 = 

 I kept this base at no.7 because it has it's air sweeper outside but kept around the traps. It has it's clan castle and air defence inside so it is a very good advantage for you.

No.6 =

I kept this base at no.6 because it's air sweeper, clan castle and air defence are inside. The traps are at good place and it is good for trophy pushing.

No.5 =

 I kept this base at no.5 because it not only have all thing inside and the springs are at good place but also it has a nice design.

No.4 =

 I kept this base at no.4 because the trap in this base are kept wisely. So that many troops can dead easily. It's air defence are also kept very wisely.

No.3 =

I kept this base at no.3 because it's clan castle is kept outside but it's design is very good and the traps are kept at very good place.  

No.2 =

 I kept this base at no.2 because it is a well designed nice base and the second most powerful base for th6. The traps are kept in every sector very wisely.